Valve Pushrod

What is the function of valve pushrod?
In engine designs, where the camshaft is centered in engine block instead of engine head, the camshaft provides its function during its rotating motion bye means of the contact of the its asymmetrical parts (cams) with the valve pushrods. Valve pushrods transfer the veritical motion, applied by camshafts, to valve rocker arms which enables valves to operate.

Marka Motor Ürün Packing Unit Oem No Supsan No Ölçüler Malzeme Açıklama
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FiatFiat Traktör 8035İtici Çubu1T00001
Fiat Traktör 8035
Marka : Fiat
Ürün : İtici Çubu
Packing Unit : 1
Oem No :
Supsan No : T00001
Ölçüler :
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